Female Voice Over Artist or Male? Which Should You Hire?

This is a great question. If you’re thinking of hiring a female voice over artist you probably have your reasons. Personally I think you should use a male voice talent. 🙂

Generally speaking, many casting directors I’ve worked with say a female voice is used when they are trying to sell the product to a predominantly female demographic.

Male voice over artists are used if something needs to have a sense of urgency.

This is a really good article from ABC about why Apple chose to use a female voice for Siri. And did you know that Siri is actually male in the UK and France?

Telephone prompts for large businesses I have found to be mainly female, maybe because traditionally it was a female receptionist who would answer the phones?

I think it really comes down to the product being sold or promoted and of course the target market. If you’re selling footballs to males, you’re going to use a male voice over artist. If you’re selling dolls to little girls, it just makes sense to use a female voice over artist.

One thing I’ve always believe though is that sometimes it’s easy to overthink things. Choose a voice that you believe will work best and go for it. Too much time is wasted otherwise. Get it recorded and on the air!

I’d love to be a part of your next professional voice over recording.

What is a Voice Over Artist?

From a literal standpoint, a voice over artist is a talent who is reading, or working from memorized material, otherwise known as a script.

You hear the person’s voice, but you do not see them. If you ask the average person what comes to mind when they hear the words ‘voice over,’ more often than not the answer is radio and TV commercials.

I’m an Australian voice over actor and I love to record  for all sorts of projects.

Commercials are indeed just one main component of the voice over industry. Whenever you hear a voice over artist on television without seeing the person attached to that voice, you are listening to a commercial voice over.

Most people fail to realise is that there is a broad range of commercial opportunities, many of which do not demand the typical used car salesman style. As an example, voice overs for public service organisations, iphone and ipad apps, e-books, medical narrations, are all examples of commercial voice over work that voice over artists perform.

Similarly, children’s products, upcoming community events, and material related to health care all fall under commercial work recorded by professional voice over artists.

I am an Australian male voice over artist. I record from my professional voice over studio in NYC and anywhere around the globe when I travel. I’d love to record for you.